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The art of healthy massage

Massage in the modern sense is a method of treatment with the help of systematic techniques: stroking, rubbing, kneading, effleurage and vibration or shaking. The massage is known for its healthy, relaxing and revitalizing effect for many hundreds of years. Performed by the hands of a professional masseur is incomparable to nothing else.

History of massage

The history of the development of massage is very difficult to trace, since this type of treatment (recovery) has a very pronounced national character and has developed in each country in its specific direction. And although the appearance of the massage begins from the birth of mankind (since people have been stroked and rubbed for centuries to relieve pain), a fixed confirmation dates back to the 6th century BC - at this time in ancient China there were schools for the training of doctors who studied massage as one of the important disciplines.

And here is what Hippocrates (4th century BC) said about massage:

"In many things a doctor should be experienced, and not less in massage, for a massage can bind the joint too relaxed and soften the joint very tight. Rubbing causes contraction or relaxation of the tissues, leads to fatigue or thinning, soft, gentle and mild rubbing thickens the tissues, " The famous doctor Avicenna (ibn Sina) in his classic work "The Canon of Medical Science" and "The Book of Healing", divided the massage into species.

He proposed such a mini classification:

  • Relaxing

  • Preparatory

  • Reinforcing

  • Rebuilding.

Modern classification is a little bit adapted and enlarged since that time:

  • Sports

  • Curative

  • Hygienic

  • Cosmetic

Could you imagine that even schools of massage exist?

So, here you are. In this part we will tell you about swedish massage – prominent kind of massage of european school.

This is exactly the kind of massage that many people remember when they hear the word "massage" or when they are trying to make a good massage for themselves or someone else. A Swedish massage uses a combination of the following basic techniques:

  • Long and wide strokes (effleurage, stroking). Usually performed at the beginning and end of the massage;

  • Massaging and squeezing muscles (kneading): above the muscles work literally as if kneading dough;

  • Rubbing, during which the impact is applied to certain points with the help of deep pressing with your fingertips or knuckles, with your thumb;

  • Rhythmic tapping (fastening): rapid shock movements in the likeness of chopping (shredding) strokes and even pounding (crushing). It is best suited for: stress relieving, relaxation, relaxation of tight or tensed muscles, paired massage, and also as an introductory part to massage.

As you see, it has sufficient impact on your health. Consequently, if you want to be relaxed after busy day, use massage or even hydro massage, which has better effects.

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