• Healthy Weight Secret

Is a healthy lifestyle possible?

For health and beauty, daily exercise is necessary. You can load yourself twice a week, and for the rest of the days choose a complex of not heavy exercises.

First, decide about the type of sport you enjoy. Choose only your favorite, it will give you much better inspiration! Without experiencing any pleasure, there won't be results. The benefits of sports are obvious: muscles are tightened, the skin is better supplied with blood, you can burn extra calories and lose weight.

  • Swimming: for a woman, swimming is perfect. All muscles work, but there is no strong fatigue. Muscles tighten, the skin moistens. Well, the fact that you have to wear a swimsuit (almost undress!) can serve as an additional incentive to lose extra pounds.

  • Tourism: suitable for office workers who spend the whole day at the computer. If you can not imagine a day without communication, tourism is for you! Crossed terrain, low mountains, hiking in the mountains - an ideal option for tightening the muscles of the hips and abdomen. Beautiful countryside, magnificent air. You can take good pictures.

  • Jogging: useful, if running evenly all the time, it is advisable to run at least 4 km. Good effect on the body, tightens the hips, buttocks, improves blood flow, while running can be distracted from the pressing problems, it relieves nervous tension. If you are not happy with your body, you can choose places where there are fewer people.

  • Bicycle: cavities are pumped up, strengthened and acquire a beautiful shape of the buttocks, blood supply improves. Bicycles are in many families. Children buy bicycles. Even at work you can ride a bike!

  • Jumping on the rope: the simplest and most effective way to keep the shape. Jumping can even replace gymnastics! Despite the apparent similarity of movements, almost all muscles work, posture improves. The buttocks are tightened, the thighs are strengthened, the muscles of the arms tighten. Improves blood circulation, accelerates the heart rate. Suitable absolutely for everyone, but do not start with heavy loads, it can adversely affect the heart, with caution should be taken to the lessons with leg vessel diseases.

  • Tennis: beautiful, elegant, sexy. Muscles of the feet are strengthened, almost all the muscles of the body work.

Eat, exercise, act, as never before! You will be amazed with the results!