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Why the harmonization of chakras is vital for being proactive

The human body extracts energy practically from everywhere: from everyday life, work, and communication with friends, music, books, and romantic moments. All this energy is stored in the body of the individual, distributed along its main energy zones - chakras.

In total, there are about a hundred chakras in the human body that absorb different energies, both positive and negative from outer world. However, among them, there are seven main centers associated with being on certain levels of existence: mental, spiritual and physical.

Each system (nervous, respiratory, cardiac, sexual, etc.), as well as each organ and glands are "connected" to a particular chakra, which is responsible for relevant function, are located along the spinal column. Illnesses of vital organs or system of organs indicate that the specific chakra is either not healthy, or weak and closed.

All energy centers are located along the human spine. Kundalini (energy) rises from the Muladhara and dissolves the lotus in Sahasrara. However, if any of the chakras has blocks, then energy can not move freely around the spine and respectively provide with conversely effect. It is impossible to feed the chakra located above the blocked one. As a result, there is disharmony or imbalance in the energy sector what lead to losing of energy, total inactivity and sometimes-even depression.

Harmonization of chakras can be done independently and require several specific actions. For this, in the process of meditation, one must put his hands to each of the energy centers consistently. You can put your right hand in the area of ​​Muladhara at the same time, the left one on Ajna.

In this situation, you should stay until the meditator feels the same energy in both hands. Tingling sensations, sensations of heat, pulsations, etc. In addition, in the left and right hand should be identical.

There are many ways to heal the chakras, make them stronger, fill them with energy, and strengthen them. A healthy energy center is not only a pledge of physical health, but it also keeps cheerfulness and psychological background.

Consequently, do not forget about chakras, as we have understood it might be the reason of some illnesses or even fails. Be happy and healthy! Let you chakras be open and strong :)