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Seven Spheres of Life

Today we want to talk with you about the success and harmony in our lives. After all, we all want to be happy, live an exciting life without grief and disease. In fact, this is real, you just need to take and do everything possible to ensure that all spheres of human life always interact harmoniously and develop simultaneously.

The main spheres of human life:

  1. Health and sports,

  2. Environment, house,

  3. Career and finances,

  4. Self-development,

  5. Human relations,

  6. Recreation, entertainment,

  7. Inner world.

Many people make common mistake: they develop only some spheres, or even one, for example, a career, forgetting about their health, rest, children and wife. This creates an imbalance in the energy of man. Over time, this affects all of his surroundings, and his inner world suffers.

For example, a man is a careerist, he has been earning money all his life, working day and night, trying to be financially independent, but after a while his strength is exhausted, because he did not care about his health at all and forgot what rest is, his wife got a lover, after all he did not spend time with her, children grew up and do not even remember the happy moments spent with their father. A sad picture, isn’t it? I think no one would like to be in such situation.

This happened for one reason, illiterate use of their priorities and identification of the main spheres of life. Remember, if you want to be happy, you need to develop in all directions. In some spheres, you may be more active, somewhere more passive, but you should allocate a certain amount of time for everything else for your own sake.

Let's now consider all the spheres separately, what they include and what are they responsible for.

1. Health and Sports

Physical and psychological health is the basis of everything that we have. If we don’t have energy, then we will not achieve anything in this life. The ability to move, do something, eat and drink is given to us by nature, but must properly use it. Proper nutrition, regular exercises are an endless source of health. Alcohol and smoking have ruined many good people who could become leaders and achieve success and prosperity.

2. Environment

You should pay special attention to this area. Why? The house and its atmosphere greatly affects the inner state of a person, inspires and relaxes at the same time. Proper organization of home space can release a huge amount of time for solving other problems, especially for women who spend the most time in this area.

3. Career and finances

To be successful in a career, self-fulfilling, becoming financially independent is the goal and dream of many of us. This is a very important area of ​​life, although many deny it and argue that happiness is not in money. We agree, you can find happiness in small things, but it doesn’t last for long. In the world ruled by television and modern technology, we can not want a minimum for ourselves. While watching the movie about nature, we have a dream to visit this place, after seeing a beautiful house with a swimming pool, we will certainly want to have the same. It becomes a goal, and in order for it to be realized, money is needed, and money can be obtained from a successful career.

4. Self-development

This sphere often remains undervalued and unused. It includes reading books, studying, attending special trainings, master classes, getting skills, changing oneself, giving up bad habits. That is all aimed at improving yourself and achieving your goals, the desire to approach the dream.

5. Human Relations

The ability to communicate, to build good relationships with loved ones, communicate with colleagues and friends - all this relates to this area of life. Our society does not tolerate rude and insolent people. Everyone loves honest and decent people. It's very difficult to become such person, but you need to strive for this. One of important human needs is communication, conversation, dialogue.

6. Recreation and entertainment

The ability to properly plan your vacation, relax and have fun is very important. It is necessary to forget, to distract from problems and think about yourself regularly. Everyone has its own concept of recreation and entertainment. For someone to rest means to spend time for favorite hobby, for others to relax in a bath with essential oils, for some to travel to unusual places of our planet. Choose your occupation, which will bring you pleasure.

7. Inner World

Our inner world plays a huge role in setting our goals and objectives. It includes emotions, resistance to stress, motivation, spiritual life.

In order to evaluate our life in all its spheres, correctly set goals and objectives, correct mistakes and achieve harmony, it is necessary to compile a wheel of life balance, but how to do it read in the following articles.

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