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How to set goals correctly according to S.M.A.R.T. method

Do you struggle to find the best solving to your problem? How to start reaching your goals? Than S.M.A.R.T. is exactly what you need.

SMART is an abbreviation and contains in itself 5 criteria for setting goals:

  1. Specific;

  2. Measurable;

  3. Attainable;

  4. Relevant;

  5. Timely.

How to use SMART-method of goal setting?

Any purpose should be checked against the five criteria described:

1. Specific.

The goal should be clear, specific. What does it mean? Regularly visit the gym - the goal is not specific. Attend the gym (and even better to specify the sport - the pool, yoga or aerobics) 2 times a week for an hour and a half - the goal is specific. To stop eating sweets is not the goal. Weighing 55 kg is the goal.

2. Measurable.

The goal you set should have measurable results. Learning a foreign language is an immeasurable goal. Learn X words, pass a certification test, etc. - specific and measurable goals. When it's hard to understand how to measure the result, avoid the phrases "I'll understand by my feelings". Feeling is a subjective thing, and you can stop without reaching the goal, or continue the eternal battle with the shadow. If it's difficult to come up with a measurable goal, use scaling:

  • Estimate from 1 to 10, how close you are to your goal (I know the language on 3 out of 10).

  • Estimate from 1 to 10, how many points you want to get to consider your goal achieved (I want to know the language on 7 out of 10).

  • How will you know that you have achieved this result (I can write letters without a dictionary / I can support a conversation with a foreigner on everyday topics / I can read fiction or professional literature without a dictionary).

3. Attainable.

You must be able to achieve your goal, at least potentially. You must have resources (external and internal) to achieve it, or you must be able to find these resources. Examine your reserves and resources. What do you already have, what else do you need to buy?

4. Relevant.

It is necessary to assess your own abilities to achieve this goal. Write what you have to achieve your goal and what is missing at the moment. Also, your goal should be consistent with your other life goals, do not contradict them. For example, having set a goal to get up early, you will have to go to bed earlier to get enough sleep, or to look for other opportunities to fully restore your strength.

5. Timely.

The deadlines for achieving the goal should be set clearly. For some people, this is the most difficult to set their goal a specific deadline. When do I want to achieve this goal? What will be the year, month, day?

Do not be afraid to dream, our brain already knows the answers to all questions. And do not forget that a goal that is not determined in time is just a dream!