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How to stop eating under the influence of emotions and stress?

Do you eat impulsively often, although you are not hungry? Discover 6 ways to stop eating under emotions.

1. Write a list

You already know that these sudden appetite seizures are not caused by emptiness in the stomach. Are you upset and would like to eat all the chocolate or pizza? First, take a sheet of paper and a pen. Write down how you feel before and after the episode with "emotional" food. Confronting these feelings will make you stop reflexively reaching for snacks. The momentary "feeling of security" is not worth the later remorse.

2. Eat a lot of protein

Protein-rich meals regulate glucose level in blood and prevent a sudden jump of sugar, which is the reason why we immediately experience hunger. Add protein to all dishes or choose high protein snacks. Thanks to that, your body will saturate fast and you can lose weight.

3. Take a bath

Do you feel that stress is killing you from the inside? Instead of eating, take a long, aromatic bath. You can also treat yourself with a home spa, go to the sauna or hydromassage treatment. These are the best ways to discharge tension in your mind and body.

4. Drink a lot of water

Drink plenty of water during the day. The dehydrated body quickly begins to feel hungry. Make sure your stomach is not empty - hydrate and eat regularly, preferably every three hours.

5. Take a deep breath

Fix the relationship between your body and mind. Take a deep breath before each meal. Thanks to that, you will not eat unconsciously, only focus on the activity. Do not rush and enjoy every bite. This will make you feel more saturated and you won’t need extra.

6. Relax

Find at least few minutes every day for something that relaxes you the most. It may be stroking a cat, reading a book or watching favorite TV series. Relax and have fun. The time spent relaxing is more productive than lying bored and coming up with "what to eat".

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